Our autumn auction was held 1.9.2018 16:15 at Cumuls Resort Ikaalinen Spa.


Auction list with hammer prices can be downloaded from here:  huutokauppaluettelo, vasarahinnat (fin)

Written bid winners have been sent invoices / confirmation for their winning bids.

Please note:

- English translation of the auction list is provided only for informal purposes. Even though we did not use google translator, it is possible that there are mistakes in the translation. If you have questions regarding the auction items, you can send email to Please remember that we are currently very busy arranging the auction.

- SAHS auction rules have been updated (starting 2018). The most significant change is the rise in our auction commission, that will be added to the winning bid. The auction commission is 13%. (The reason behind the rise is Value Added Tax. Finnish government has deemed our auction commission as subject to 24% VAT.)

 - Picture names or "T-numbers" shown in pictures are NOT lot/bidding numbers! Lot -number can be found from the auction list under "Huutonro" -column. It is also visible on the final pictures with the text "Huutonro".

- There may be changes to the auction list up to the auction day and not all items will have pictures.


You can find pictures of the auction items below:


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