Autumn auction list has been published


The auction list for the autumn auction (2.9.2017, Ikaalinen, Finland) has been published.

You can find it here

Spring auction list has been published


Spring auction list has been published:

We have also added pictures, and updated bidding numbers to picture descriptions.

Our representative in Malta conference

The first speaker was the Minister for Home Affairs and National Security Carmelo Abela, who shared his opinion about striking a balance between liberties and security.

FIREARMS UNITED’s president Tomasz Stepién gave a status update about the firearms directive to the local shooting enthusiasts and our international guests.

The Conference continued with video greetings from Miriam Dalli and Roberta Metsola who are both Maltese MEPs.

IPSC director Sasja Barentsen continued by informing about the potential impacts to dynamic shooting disciplines and shared his opinion about ”transient state” of competition rifles and how they change category depending on which magazine is inserted to the firearm.

The first part was concluded by the chairman of FESAC Stephen Petroni who compared the commission proposal to ISIS which destroyed the ancient temples of Palmyra:

“The commission could never be forgiven for having the audacity of proposing the destruction of historical weapons. We shall never ever ever forgive the commission for coming up with these proposals,” Petroni said, likening it to ISIS’s destruction of the ancient temples of Palmyra.

I am not a professional lobbyist, What I do is out of passion, I do for people like you.”

The second half of the conference was started by Jean-Luc Addor, a member of the Swiss National Council, who simply stated (in many words) that the Swiss will not comply. According to Jean-Luc, the freedom of the Swiss citizens shall not be compromised with this directive, and if necessary, there will a vote about it. Which there will be, since the Swiss are already preparing for it.

Jean Karl Soler brought in scientific insight regarding the correlation between crime, violence and legal firearms, and it turns out that there is no strong correlation between legally held firearms and crime – except in as a positive way because it would seem that guns actually deter crime.

Representative of FU Finland, Mikko Pesonen,  gave a brief nordic insight to the firearms directive and described how Finnish organizations have reacted to firearms directive and after giving the microphone to Clive Brockdorff (Regional Director, IPSC Malta) we heard an interesting story about the Maltese firearms laws, which have become sensible and where the firearm ownership depends on the person – not the type of firearm. He put it in a nice way – there are people we can trust with any firearm and then there are those, who I would not trust with a wet spaghetti. Truer words are seldom spoken.

The goal of the local organizations in Malta is naturally that the directive would not have an impact on their already functional firearms legislation, created in cooperation with the firearms collectors and sport shooters – and it is truly a pleasure to see that all the local organizations have united and are working hard to achieve a common goal!

You can find the conference recording from Youtube:

First part (2 hours):
Second part (1 hour)

EU Gun Ban: Swiss Intervention in Brussels

The intervention is there:


Switzerland has already accepted Recital 22 of the Commission's proposal in Brussels (COM (2015) 750), which corresponds to accepting the application of a foreign law.

This is unacceptable, see the following document to see the Swiss position on the issue:!vBcgDT7J!fCoaSraZ259E-DkGqLZ_Ld_DBso-MmVewoPwfgJHLzI

There are voices against this situation:

Joint Statement from Finnish organizations regarding the firearms directive


Several Finnish organizations wrote a joint statement to Ms. Vicky Ford and the rapporteurs regarding the firearms directive. You can find the statement from here: <LINK, Click here>

The statement was signed by the following organizations:

  • Maanpuolustuskiltojen liitto ry
  • Finnish Arms Trade Association – AAE ry
  • Classic Old Western Society of Finland ry
  • Firearms United
  • Gun Dealers association
  • Reserviläisurheiluliitto - RESUL ry
  • Single-Action-Shooting-Society-Finland ry
  • Finnish Airgunners Association SIhry ry
  • Finnish Shooting Sport Federation SAL
  • Arms Historical Society of Finland SAHS
  • Finnish Reserve Officers' Federation RUL
  • Vantaan reserviläiset ry
  • Finnish Hunters' Association
  • Asehistorian Liitto ry
  • Helsingin Seudun Reserviläispiiri ry

FESAC press release covering IMCO vote


FESAC has published a press release covering last Wednesday’s IMCO vote. You can find it from here:

Our men in Brussels lobbying before IMCO vote: centre right Stephen Petroni, centre left Finnish Firearms United delegate.