Joint Statement from Finnish organizations regarding the firearms directive


Several Finnish organizations wrote a joint statement to Ms. Vicky Ford and the rapporteurs regarding the firearms directive. You can find the statement from here: <LINK, Click here>

The statement was signed by the following organizations:

  • Maanpuolustuskiltojen liitto ry
  • Finnish Arms Trade Association – AAE ry
  • Classic Old Western Society of Finland ry
  • Firearms United
  • Gun Dealers association
  • Reserviläisurheiluliitto - RESUL ry
  • Single-Action-Shooting-Society-Finland ry
  • Finnish Airgunners Association SIhry ry
  • Finnish Shooting Sport Federation SAL
  • Arms Historical Society of Finland SAHS
  • Finnish Reserve Officers' Federation RUL
  • Vantaan reserviläiset ry
  • Finnish Hunters' Association
  • Asehistorian Liitto ry
  • Helsingin Seudun Reserviläispiiri ry